Don’t overdo it at the rehearsal dinner

I’m not the first person and definitely not the last person to admit that sometimes, just sometimes… on very rare occasions… one drink turns into ten. Maybe in an attempt to combat nerves and relax or maybe just because people are plying you full of drink and it feels rude to say no. The night before your wedding should definitely not be one of those occasions. Say no to the freebies, display excellent will power and do some yogic breathing to combat your nerves. The last thing you need on your wedding day is a horrendous hang over. Even the angelic sounds of a harp can be unpleasant with a banging head ache.

Don’t try new food
If you’ve seen Bridesmaid’s you’ll know why an adventurous or a risky dining experience is not ideal the day before your wedding. For those who haven’t seen that film I’ll just say it’s best to stay away from foods that may bloat, upset or disturb your stomach.  You can’t say ‘I Do’ if you’re stuck on the loo.

Don’t drink caffeinated beverages

With nerves and final little details running through your head it may be hard enough to get a good night’s sleep an excessive amount of caffeine probably won’t help. The night before your wedding you’re hoping for a restful restorative sleep so try to avoid anything that will prevent that.

Major beauty changes

No Last minute hair styles, colours or tans. Stay away from anything that could go wrong and be remembered forever in your wedding photographs.

Don’t watch a sad movie

Makeup artists can work magic BUT the last thing you want on your wedding day is puffy eyes from crying! Good chance you’ll shed a tear on the day itself.

Too much exercise

Too much exercise could lead to injury. Injury could lead to a trip to A&E. A&E could lead to a cast, a wheel chair and a serious alteration to your wedding outfit. Better to leave any over strenuous activity for the honeymoon.

Trying new products

If you’re having a pre wedding day pamper stick to products that you’ve used before to avoid any adverse reactions.

Leaving everything to the last minute

The night before your wedding can be a relaxing experience if all of the preparations are done, you’re surrounded by loved ones in anticipation for the big day. It can however become a stressful experience if you’re cramming in last minute preparations. Delegate tasks and ensure that everything is completed so you can enjoy your last night as a single person.

Don’t try to finish DIY projects

Like the night before a Uni deadline or a big important meeting at work we all know the best progress isn’t made in the early hours of the morning whilst we’re sleep deprived and stressed. If it’s not finished the night before the wedding have a think if it’s a crucial part of the day. If so rope in some volunteers and hand over control. If not then chalk it up to not having enough time and move on.

Don’t start writing vows

Similarly to the previous two do not’s leaving anything to the last minute isn’t normally conducive to success. Making time before the wedding to sit and sift through what you want to say and taking a structured approach is a much better process. Click here to read more tips on writing your wedding vows.

We hope you enjoy this blog and start delegating tasks to your friends; it’ll all be rewarded with a wonderful day that everyone can enjoy! We’d love to hear about any suggestions, feedback, or Wedding planning tips you’d like to share. Drop me a line

See you next week for more wedding planning tips.

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