How to have a beautiful Wedding on a shoe-string budget

I get by with a little help from my friends:

Your Wedding guests aren’t after fancy arrival drinks and a swanky venue; they’re pumped to see their awesome friends getting married. With this sentiment at heart, most friends would also be thrilled to help you in any small way they can. Whether that’s collecting Jam jars for DIY centre pieces or jamming out on the acoustic guitar for your walk down the aisle. Friends and family are the perfect crowd to ask for support and help with Wedding elements that can save you a pretty penny. Firstly consider the most important elements of your Wedding allocate the money needed to those then consider how you can fill in the blanks with the help of your crew. A pro tip would be to keep a spreadsheet of the delegated tasks, it’s incredibly easy to forget who’s doing what amongst all of the organising.

Do it yourself:

As an avid crafter the thought of this fills me with enthusiasm and joy. Taking time to craft and prepare things for a wedding however fills me with stress and worry. I think the key to this is not over estimating what you can accomplish in the time you have and also planning ahead to allow yourself the most time possible. I wouldn’t wish a wedding eve like the night before final deadline hand in on anyone!! There are tons of amazing craft projects on Pinterest. See my previous blog to find a few of the Wedding Boards I recommended. (Link previous blog)

 Jam jar



Re – Use – Recycle – Buy Second Hand:

Some of the most beautiful dresses can be found hanging on the rails of charity shops and in vintage stores. If you’re willing to scout around to find a hidden gem you’ll be rewarded with huge savings and a dress to treasure. When specifically searching for an item in second hand stores, it’s important to cover as much distance as possible to expand the chances of success. Make a fun day of the search with your tribe and keep an open mind. Any savings made on purchasing a second hand dress could allow you to make alterations to your chosen dress to ensure the fit is perfect.

Cut the flowers:

Having fresh flowers at a wedding is wonderful but if your budget is tight this is a non essential element where savings can be made. You could attend a bouquet making workshop as part of your Hen do and come away with a new skill as well as beautiful arrangements to use in your wedding. Another option would be to hire room dressing from a company as an alternative to floral decorations and use silk flowers or non perishable arrangements.

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