May 2014

……A Wedding Co-Ordinator

I love my job.  How many people can say that!  As the Wedding co-ordinator here at the Buckatree Hall I take a great deal of joy in the job I do.  Planning a wedding is great fun, quite stressful, pretty tiring, inspiring and exciting all at the same time.

Whilst I love my job it would be fair to say that it is a long way off my original career aspirations.  I have a passion for animals, dogs in particular, and from an early age I dreamed of working with them.  Myself and my partner recently bought a beautiful German Sheppard puppy that has quickly grown up and brings us both much joy.

Anyway, I digress, I had no idea that I would end up in the world of wedding planning.  When I moved to the area I just fell into it.  I was looking for work and was offered a receptionist position at the hotel.  I quickly learnt the ropes and found myself being drawn into the Sales & Events department where I soon took on the role as a part time co-ordinator in addition to my main duties on reception.

I think a lot of people are drawn to wedding planning, particularly us girls with our dreams of fairy tale weddings to our prince charming, as they think it is a glamorous and romantic job.  It is most certainly both of those things, but a lot of hard work and application is also required.  I was given sole responsibility for weddings at the Buckatree after two years hard work and have never looked back.

The passion I have for wedding planning grows day by day and I am inspired by the various brides and grooms-to-be who trust in me to deliver their dreams, I can think of nothing more rewarding in the work place than creating such a memorable day. I’ve had various heart stopping moments though, especially at the beginning and have made mistakes like anyone, but it has all been useful.  In fact, you never stop learning and coming across new situations that need dealing with. In my time I’ve had to deal with power cuts and broken down vintage cars, parents that have got lost en-route to the church and a stubborn horse that would not move from reception! (Insert own joke!)  However, it all goes into the ‘experience’ bank.

Answering the mountain of emails and inquiries that come in every day requires strong administration skills.  I do my best to answer everything as quickly as possible. However, when you are busy with planning work, it is difficult to find time to sit and answer every email.  When I am very busy, I set an auto-response on my email account to explain I will reply to emails as soon as possible to ensure that clients and potential clients know I will be responding shortly.

I like to think of myself as a real person, I work for an independent hotel with the support of a great management and operational team.  We are not a big corporate hotel and therefore we can guarantee a more personal approach to wedding planning.  Wedding planning is a wonderful career and most definitely not a 9-5 job.  I’m often at my desk until early evening and need to arrange my time to meet both existing couples on their big day and start all over again with new couples at the weekend as they embark on their own special journey.

I like to think that I have added something special to each wedding that I help plan.

As I said, I love my job.