December 2017

If you’ve been in Buckatree Hall Hotel a number of times you will certainly have seen our reception staff, you’ve probably seen some housekeepers and may even have seen some management or kitchen staff. But have you seen the maintenance man?

Phil fixes a leek in the bathroom!

Phil fixes a ‘leek’ in a bathroom!









One person who seems to be everywhere but somehow never seen is Phil Brown, our maintenance manager.

We just wanted to bring him to your attention as a way of saying thank you for everything he does.

Phil’s work doesn’t stop indoors either. No doubt you’ve seen the pagoda outside and the shed which acts as a bar for outdoor events.

All these are the work of Phil who tirelessly keeps on top of all the maintenance that a 62-bedroom hotel brings.

One of the problems of running a hotel which is used all day, every day by so many people is that the decor gets tired and worn out much quicker than, for example, the furniture and wall coverings in your own home.

So you may marvel at how some hotels or restaurants keep their paint and wallpaper looking good all the time – we’ll let you into a secret, they’re most likely regularly replacing it with exactly the same wallpaper or shade so you don’t even notice when they’ve decorated.

We want to keep the Buckatree at the high standard we know our guests expect and deserve.

So Phil always has a project on his hands (or two, three or four) and he goes above and beyond finding improvements that can be made in places where you really didn’t think there was anything that needed doing.

Whilst you put your feet up and enjoy the view (and of course the excellent food!) here at Buckatree, just think of Phil and all the hard work he does, with no time to rest on his laurels.

Once he’s done with all his jobs the list begins again and the cycle continues!