How to Write your Wedding Vows

Marriage ceremonies can either be a very formal ocassion or a modern celebration of love. This is neither a good or bad thing and is entirely down to personal preference. Some people gravitate towards tradition and want to stick to the foundation of the marriages that passed before them and some people will opt for a modern approach. It’s becoming increasingly popular to personalise ceremonies and relax some of the more formal traditions. Writing your own vows is a lovely way to personalise your ceremony whilst still keeping the traditions alive. This blog will give you tips and a starting point to writing yours.
  1. Make promises you can keep

A promise is a promise so make sure you can keep them. On top of the lifelong commitment you’re making to each other you should consider little intricacies that are special to your relationship. For instance I’m a fairly domesticated person. I can often be found cheerfully cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking for others in my spare time.  However, I have also been known to be extremely averse to taking out the bin and have gone to extreme lengths to avoid taking it out on many occasions. If my beloved promised to take the bins out until death do us part I would be truly elated and feel deeply understood.  OK so maybe the bins aren’t a big deal to you but hopefully it’s prompted you to think of promises you’d like to make to your other half.




  1. Say those 3 words

Although it may seem like an obvious one it can sometimes be missed. Your wedding day can be an entire day of showing your love for each other but those three words can be missed quite easily in all the grandeur.  ‘I Love you’ is a sure winner when it comes to wedding vows.  It’s the building blocks for your relationship and subsequent marriage and will see you through many years together.

  1. Don’t sugar coat it!

Relationships are not fair weather partnerships. Chances are by the time you’re getting married you may have experienced your fair share of hardships and overcome many challenges. It’s important to acknowledge that marriage is not just that feeling of love but also a choice. You choose your partner everyday above anyone else in all circumstances and that’s the true beauty and depth to marriage.

  1. Keep it short and snappy

Reading sentimental, heartfelt, personal words out loud in front of all your guests can be quite daunting.  Keeping the vows short and snappy but full of all the good stuff is the key here. Also rehearsing the speech before hand can keep the nerves at bay.

  1. Finally…

Make sure you always check any readings or vows with your registrar in advance. Ideally, give them a typed copy of your vows/readings and a list of your chosen music a fortnight before the big day.

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