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This week’s blog is linked to our Wedding co-ordinator Pinterest account. If you’ve never previously heard of Pinterest allow me to introduce you to it. It’s essentially a virtual scrap book which allows you to ‘Pin’ or ‘Save’ images from other users ‘Boards’. You organise your ‘Pins’ into your own ‘Boards’. In wedding planning it’s extremely helpful and slightly addictive. You can spend hours trawling through centre pieces and dribbling over your dream dress. It’s full of inspiration, tips and DIY projects. Prepare yourself to discover little wedding intricacies that you never knew existed and find inspiration for every aspect of your wedding.

Here are a couple of boards that we follow:

Rock My Wedding –This wedding blog is Midland based and packed full of the most beautifully photographed love stories.

In their own words ‘We like weddings. We like the sexy the sophisticated and the pretty. We like timeless glamour, fashion-forward thinking and photographs that tell love stories.’


Wedding Chicks – This blog is followed by over 5 million people. The content is updated regularly and covers all aspects and provides inspiration for everything wedding.




Chick Vintage Brides – ‘Timeless & romantic wedding inspiration for modern vintage loving brides’ Wedding_Vintage_400x400 – ‘Feminist Weddings & Glitter & Fun’


We’d love to hear where get your wedding inspiration, and, if you like you can follow our Pintrest page here;

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