May 2014

Well, Fathers Day is just around the corner and unlike Mothers Day which is always a sell-out us poor dads are left on the shelf – again!

So, to combat this travesty we had a brain storm to see what we could do to encourage people to bring their dads out for lunch. I’m Wayne Jenson, General Manager of Buckatree Hall Hotel, and as a dad this is important to me.

What do dads get for birthdays, Christmas and in fact all special occasions? You’ve got it SLIPPERS!
We will invite dads to come to lunch wearing their slippers. In return you will receive a well deserved pint of beer, perfect!  Slippers of all shapes and sizes, styles, designs and in different states of repair are welcome.

It’s good to show our lighter side and hopefully we’ll see a huge range of slippers on display and there might even be a few brand new ones that have been given as Father’s Day presents on the day.

It will be something we have never done before at the hotel, usually you think of putting on your Sunday best when you go out for lunch for a special occasion.  I am interested to see who will turn up in what – if you’re struggling for an idea of what to get your dad for Father’s Day it would be a great opportunity to embarrass him with some big novelty slippers – but at least he’ll get a free pint too.

Father’s Day is on June 15th costs £13.95 for adults and £7.50 children.

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