10 ways your friends can help with your Wedding planning

Those familiar word’s of ‘Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you’ are thrown around quite often throughout life. We don’t always take people up on the offers they present but planning a wedding is no small task and allowing people to help is essential. Below are some options of how your guests can help to make the planning less stressful and a little more enjoyable.

  1. Perform at the Ceremony

If you’re lucky enough to have a musically-talented friend or family member, having them perform at your ceremony can be really special. If you have a specific song or style in mind, we advise hiring a professional ceremony musician, but your pal can still contribute their musical skills elsewhere. Friend’s in band could play your evening reception or serenade your guests whilst you’re having your photographs taken.

  1. Ceremony Readings

This is something that any willing person can do, and is a particularly good way to get younger guests involved. Simply choose a ceremony reading for them or get them rto contribute something they want to and bobs your uncle!

  1. Confetti Throwing

This is a really fun job that everyone can get involved with! You can either source the confetti yourself or ask your volunteer to pass them out to guests just before the big moment. Make sure to alert guests to any rules your ceremony venue has set in relation to confetti and prepare your photographer to capture the magical confetti moments.

  1. Baking Sweet Treats

If you’ve got high hopes for your wedding cake, it’s essential that you hire a professional – even the best home bakers struggle when it comes to transporting the cake and keeping it looking and tasting fresh! If you’re having a cake table and asking multiple guests to bring sweet treats there’s less pressure. Don’t forget to assign a friend to get the table in order too – they should receive the cakes from the guests, label the bakes, and liaise with the venue to refrigerate anything that requires it.

  1. Making Miles of Bunting

Bunting is such a quick way to add colour and atmosphere to a space, and although it’s fun to make your own, it can take a while. If you rope in a few friends, the experience will be quicker and more fun. This goes for lots of other DIY décor items, too.



  1. Collecting Décor

Need jam jars, gin bottles, antique candle holders or other items to dress your dining tables with? Ask friends to save any they have, and you’ll have your supply in no time. Crowdsourcing your décor can be more added stress than it’s worth, though, so if you are planning on doing this, make sure to appoint a friend to collect and return them, keeping track of who provided what!

  1. Getting Crafty

If your friend is crafty, why not ask them to create bespoke elements of your wedding. Knowing peoples talents can open up lots of avenues for saving money and time on sourcing or creating thigs yourself. Be clear what it is you’re looking to achieve and let your crafty friends have at it.

  1. Decking Your Venue Out in Fairy Lights

To effectively use fairy lights in your space, you need quite a lot of them, particularly if you’re working with large spaces. People generally have a few sets in their house, so it’s possible to borrow rather than buy. Again, delegate the job of arranging this if you can – untangling hundreds of fairy lights is the last thing you want to be doing the day after the wedding!

  1. Polaroid Guestbook

If one of your friends is particularly confident, why not give them the task of capturing each guest on a Polaroid? Simply source an Instax camera and film, and you’re done. It’s a good idea to give them a box or an album, too, to keep the Polaroid’s safe! An additional extra could be a prop box to make the guest book full of fun and colourful snaps.

  1. Moral Support

This is perhaps the most important job of all. Coming up to the wedding, you’ll naturally be feeling a little anxious, so book a few nice dates with pals who are guaranteed to make you laugh and keep your spirits up. These might even end up being some of your favourite memories from the engagement!

We hope you enjoy this blog and start delegating tasks to your friends; it’ll all be rewarded with a wonderful day that everyone can enjoy! We’d love to hear about any suggestions, feedback, or Wedding planning tips you’d like to share. Drop me a line abbey.ferguson@buckatreehallhotel.com

See you next week for more wedding planning tips.

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