Here at Buckatree Hall Hotel we believe that effective training and development benefits the individual and the organisation as a whole, and contributes to the achievement of the company’s objectives.

As part of the ‘Buckatree Family’ the main training you will encounter is ‘on the job’ however, to ensure you are fully aware of procedures and polices this web based training module will further develop your knowledge and also, where required, meet legislation.


We are committed to encouraging, supporting and delivering training and development for all staff throughout the hotel to aid each department and the company as a whole, thereby assisting the hotel to remain competitive and highly effective in the hospitality market.

To continue with this training module click on the boxes below. Once you have started a course an email notification will be sent to the administrator and again when you have completed it.  When you are done simply ‘logout’ at the bottom of the screen.  If you need to return to the training module at any time you can do so by using the link you were initially sent via email with your username and password.