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The importance of being part of the business community

May 2017



Wayne Jenson with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce members

There are many different aspects to running a hotel and, while a big part of what we do is focused around guests’ experiences – making sure your food is delicious, your room is clean and the service you receive is top rate, we also do a lot behind the scenes to contribute to the business community here in Telford.

We’re one of 32 Shropshire Chamber of Commerce patrons – which gives us access to a whole range of opportunities such as business events across Europe. This helps us push the Buckatree even further and in turn offer you an even better experience here as we’re learning from the best of the best.

More locally, it enables us to work with partners from across the county, help Shropshire’s economy thrive and it also shows to you that we’re a respected part of the business community.

We also host the Chamber’s Telford breakfast networking club and regularly provide a venue for the Telford Business Club.

We do all of that because we care about what’s happening right here in Telford and we want to do our bit to promote our great town across the county and beyond.

There’s no point having such fantastic facilities (including the Buckatree of course!) if we don’t shout about them and ensure everyone knows what’s on offer here.

There is also a lot to be said for networking face-to-face, while so much these days happens online you can’t replace a good old chat with a fellow business owner. And weeks or months down the line while they may have forgotten about a faceless email sent to them, they’re less likely to forget about shaking your hand and sitting down for ten minutes or so to discuss the economy and what can be done to continue to ensure Telford thrives.

We’ve also got our own business club, with exclusive rewards including discounted accommodation and food, free meeting room hire and special promotions and offers.

You can join by visiting www.buckatreehallhotel.com/buckatree-business-club.

If you’re a Shropshire company then we encourage you to do all you can to be a valuable part of the business community – and if you’re a resident then why not consider what you can do to ‘shop local’ and keep the economy growing!