10 tips to finding your dream wedding dress

  • First and foremost… Budget:

Your first step in finding your dream dress is deciding on your budget. That way when making appointments to attend fittings and showcases you’ll avoid the sticker shock when you fall in love but can’t quite manage the price tag.

  • Consider your overall Wedding theme:

Are you getting married on a Beach or up a snowy mountain in December? Consider your location and the overall theme of your wedding. Your wedding dress will need to be practical as well as show stopping. Gathering some parameters will narrow down the search.

  • Let go of your expectations:

You often hear brides with a really specific idea of what they are looking for. Down to fabrics, colours and fit but unless you’ve tried that precise dress on you can’t be sure it’s going to match up to your expectations on your body. It’s best to walk into dress hunting wide eyed and bushy tailed, prepared to be surprised.

  • Know your body type:

The cardinal rule of style is knowing how to dress for your figure. Try afit-and-flare silhouette to accentuate your waist or a sheath silhouette if you’re tall and slender. Of course, a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline is flattering on any frame! Be conscious of what looks best on you, but throw a little caution to the wind and make sure to try on something new!

  • Select your Bride Tribe carefully:

We all have that friend who’s honest with us in all situations. Sometime’s brutally so…. Bring that friend. It’s lovely to see a tear in your mothers eye and hear words of praise from your pals but you also need an unbiased opinion to help when it gets down to the final few options.

  • Get a jump start:

Starting about 6 – 9 months before will ensure you have plenty of time for fittings and adjustments. Most wedding dresses are made to measure and that can eliminate certain options if you don’t have the right time frame. If you are short for time Bridal boutiques often offer off the rack dresses for excellent prices.



  • Consider a trunk show:

You know that scene in friends when Monica finds her dream dress and ends up attempting to wrestle it from the hands of another bride. Well trunk shows don’t have to be that way. It can be a great place to make savings on dresses that would otherwise be out of your range.

  • Don’t stress about the perfect dress:

I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in having good body image days and bad body image days. Often when I’m putting myself under pressure to look a certain way or envisage myself in a perfect ensemble I find myself stressed, disappointed and naked. Someone loves you enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you and although the dress is important it won’t alter the magical wedding day you have ahead of you and the long happy life together. When I elope I’m 100% wearing yoga pants and sandals, this is who I am for better or for worse.

  • Keep a level head:

You’re in the first boutique and you try on the first dress, you’ve fallen in love and you’re eager to put down a deposit. Maybe this is the one but there are a multitude of various options and styles available. Don’t rush or make any hasty decisions without shopping around first.

  • Know the terminology:

Sweetheart? Illusion? Bateau? Before you step foot in a bridal boutique, get to grips with the different words you might hear in the shop to avoid confusion.

Thank you for reading this blog I hope it helps you to find your dream dress. If you have suggestions, feedback, or want to share anything wedding related drop me a line at abbey.ferguson@buckatreehallhotel.com

See you next week for more wedding planning tips.

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