Welcome to the team!  

I hope that you will enjoy working here at Buckatree Hall Hotel. Buckatree Hall is a privately owned limited company.  The company name is SARAC Hotels Limited.  The name SARAC is derived from the names Sarah and Rachel who are the daughters of the owner/director.

The owner of this hotel makes regular visits to discuss business with myself, the Financial Controller and the team.  You will often find Mr Moon in the bar with a coffee!  Meet the Team.

Our hotel also has 2 sister hotels, Carlton Park Hotel in Rotherham and Shap Wells Hotel in Cumbria.  These 2 properties are owned by Mr Moon’s brother, Mark Moon which operate under the sister company name Skyland Hotels Limited.   More details on the other 2 hotels can be found here.



To bring all 3 properties together we have an Executive General Manager, Mr Stephen Gibbins.  Mr Gibbins is based at Carlton Park (essentially our regional office). Each hotels General Manager reports into him.

It is important you are both happy and safe in your work place.  To ensure we maintain our good reputation, and high standards we have put together guidelines on how to look and feel your best- Exceeding In Appearances.  Mandatory training is also provided as part of your induction: Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Food Safety (where applicable) must be completed within your first week of employment.  Follow up training will take place at a pre-arranged time with your Head of Department.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Kind regards,

Signature WJ

Wayne Jenson – General Manager